The Personalized Communications Experience
We gathered top innovators and technologists to discuss the future of digital communications and personalization. Learn how thought leaders from a range of industries are taking on these challenges in a rapidly changing digital environment.
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    Speaker Presentations

    Digital leaders from Kaiser Permanente, Uber, and Ruby Receptionists share best practices and lessons learned. Check out the talks below.

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    Innovation Exercise

    Attendees surfaced key insights in discussions on the current and future state of the communications experience. Read the highlights below.

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    Attendee Takeaways

    Executives share top takeaways and how they can apply these learnings to their own initiatives. Watch the videos below.

Speaker Presentations
Learn how these leaders in healthcare, technology, and customer service are building personalized communications experiences at scale, whether locally or globally.
Innovation Exercise I
We asked the question: What are the current challenges with personalizing communications, and how do you drive change? Here's what we found.
  • A Balancing Act

    Walk the line between personalized communications and not being creepy.

  • Omnichannel Communications

    Understand different channels and map them to customer segments and use cases.

  • Legacy Systems

    Audit older technologies to keep up with evolving customer expectations.

  • Data & Privacy

    Mine customer data to better understand how to offer personalized communications - without invading user privacy.

  • Scaling

    Build a platform that can support existing needs and accommodate for future digital challenges.

  • Proliferation

    Communicate and engage consistently even as new channels, platforms, and apps continually emerge.

  • Going Global, Staying Local

    Communicate across a variety of channels and develop seamless workflows and regional training programs.

  • Third Party Onboarding

    Align external vendors with communication channels so that employees and partners deliver a consistent experience.

We want to communicate with our customers the way they do in their daily lives.

Innovation Exercise II
We asked the question: What is the future of communications, and how do we get there? Here's what we found.
  • Tougher Regulations

    Sift through the noise as regulatory controls, privacy laws, and compliance issues become more complex.

  • Federation

    Provide cross-platform, cross-country communications and rich multimedia experiences.

  • Unification

    Unify channels to create an integrated data platform that paints a picture of the entire customer journey.

  • Automation

    Take advantage of VR, AR, AI, and bots for insights, sentiment analysis, and two-way communications.

  • The Human Factor

    Go back to basics - bring a human touch to personalized interactions, especially as communications become more concise.

  • Vision and Innovation

    Maintain a strong, clear vision as the organization scales. Innovation must be driven by customer needs.

  • Machine Learning

    Analyze data and make investments to further engage by persona, context, and preferences.

  • Organizational Culture

    Cultivate a culture of experimentation to enable organizations to adapt to change.

Attendee Takeaways
Hear these leaders share what they learned from their peers.